The Brand

How it all started.

On a trip to Berlin, Dennis Saarman, founder of WINGS OF SHADES®, was faced with the problem of having to buy similar pairs of sunglasses over and over again.

Even if there were different sunglass makes and models, they all looked and felt very similar, with few possibilities to add a personal touch to them.

Guided by the idea to personalize sunglasses in all new ways, Dennis and his team set about making the idea a reality.

From unique sneakers to bracelets, we have always had a need to express our identities. With WINGS OF SHADES®, a true sense of creativity and personalization has come to eyewear fashion.

Born in Berlin raised in Milan, Paris and Tokyo, WINGS OF SHADES® lives of the vibe of each city it finds itself in.

For the Shapers.
Not the followers.

regardless of your style,
we’re united in difference